Crystal Laser Light Therapy





60 Minute Session (30 Minutes Under Crystal Lights)

When receiving a ‘Crystal Laser Light’ session you will rest face up with your eyes closed, bathing in the energy of the crystals. The well positioned Quartz Crystals using a pulsating rhythm, vibrate a colour frequency to wash over your body.


The seven quartz crystals are aligned in position over the Chakra centres. Light and colour shine through each crystal in an alternating pattern which creates a spiralling amplification of pranic energy from the root chakra to the crown Charka.

These Quartz Crys­tals channel a specific energy to each chakra, cleansing and balancing them during a session.

This al­lows the mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions to be brought into alignment.  Your treatment is optimized by Mary’s compassionate presence and ability to provide a sacred space that will do justice to this amazing Crystal Light Bed Treatment experience.
 (Please wear white or light coloured clothing)

The Quartz Crystal Light healing system:
  • Harmonises the Charka and subtle energy bodies;
  • Re-balances the frequencies in the electro-magnetic field,
  • Triggers healing processes in the psyche and body
  • Stimulates the development of the inner senses for spiritual awareness.
The Crystal Bed serves as a catalyst to jump start your body’s own natural heal­ing potential and desire to achieve a state of equanimity and wellness

Benefits of a Crystal Bed Session


  • Cleansing the physical and spiritual body of negative energy.
  • Helps open the energetic centers of the spiritual and physical body.
  • Revitalises the mind, body and spirit
  • Harmonizes the energetic streams of the body, mind, and spirit.
  • Anchors a great sense of serenity and inner peace.
  • Stimulates development of spiritual awareness. Promotes Mental Clarity

Each Crystal bed session is unique unto itself and always relevant to your individual needs.

Results people have expressed include:

  • Has an anti-depressive and  tranquilising effect
  • Stress and pain level reduction
  • A deeper spiritual understanding of  themselves, and their life situations
  • Useful insights into their future life path
  • Clearer understanding of the underlying  cause of imbalance in the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual systems
  • Feeling energized
  • Receiving guidance to best deal with a particular life challenge, personal issue or problem

Seven Primary Chakras

These are aligned in an ascending column from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each Chakra is associated with a certain color vibration and is thought to re-vitalise the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies. Supporters of the Chakra energy system believe there are parallels between the Chakra positions and the locations of the endocrine organs.

      Colour            Location            Glands     

7.   Violet             Crown                Pineal
Seat of consciousness, master Chakra, ability to trust life, ethics and courage.

6.   Indigo             Brow               Pituitary
Ope­nness’ to self-evaluation, emotional intel­ligence,    new ideas.

5.   Blue               Throat              Thyroid
Communication and growth, ability to choose, strength of will.

4.  Green              Heart               Thymus
Love, equilibrium and well being, hope and trust.

3.  Yellow             Solar Plexus   Pancreas
Energy, assimilation and digestion, self esteem

2.  Orange            Sacrum          Adrenals
Emotion, sexu­ality and creativity, power and control.

1.  Red                   Root             Testes/Vagina
Security, survival, physical body support, self confidence, ability to provide for life’s necessities.








This colour can treat mental disease and conditions related to the nervous system; rheumatism and conditions affecting the kidneys and bladder; the nervous system and brain.  It is extremely magnetic and calming.  It decompresses the motor neuron, circulatory and  lymphatic systems.  It purifies the blood and halts the growth of tumors.  It maintains the potassium balance of the body.  It acts on psychiatric conditions, developing the sensitivity.




The colour indigo can be used on conditions of the eye, nose and ears; asthma and lung conditions; tackling tension and stress; skin boils and ulcers; eczemas and wounds; varicose veins.  It reduces hemorrhage and affects the emotional and spiritual levels.   It can treat abscesses.  It is refreshing, astringent and electric.  It acts on the parathyroid glands.




This colour is cold, astringent, tonic and soothing.  It has antiseptic qualities, and is indicated for all kinds of pains.  It controls the throat chakra and produces a calm and peaceful vibration.  It regenerates the nervous system.   It is recommended in the treatment of worry, restlessness and anxiety.  It is good for throat conditions, fever and inflammation; insomnia and headaches.  It is good for menstrual pain.




This colour is much used for heart and lung conditions, as well as ulcers and headaches.  It is much used in the treatment of cancer.  It alleviates tension and nerve injuries.  It is a refreshing and soothing colour, appropriate for the insomniac and restless. It favors’ the function of the pituitary gland.  It inspires optimism, serenity and material progress.  It acts on tumors and asthma conditions.




This colour activates the motor neurons and generates muscle energy.  It stimulates bile secretion.  It is good for the skin and from the psychological standpoint alleviates depression. It increases the mental faculties and helps develop logical and intuitive skills.   It helps treat conditions of the heart; digestion; constipation; liver and diabetes.  It helps to eliminate calcium and is good for arthritis.




Orange is recommended for conditions of the spleen and kidneys; bronchitis and lungs; kidney and gallbladder stones; emotional paralysis; abdominal cramps and spasms; chronic rheumatism; conditions of the ovaries.  It is very good for the circulatory system. It is a stimulating, warm and anti-spasmodic colour.  As with the colour red, it can be used to address lack of vitality, spasms and muscle




This colour should be used to treat conditions of the colon;  rectum; spine; nervous system; genitals; anemia; paralysis; poor circulation and blood conditions; the muscular system.  It stimulates and excites the nerves and the blood.   It releases adrenaline, activates blood circulation and revitalizes the physical body.   It is recommended for the anemic, undernourished and weak.  DO NOT USE for inflammation.

Endocrine Organs location in the Physical body


I received permission from `John of God to provide this Amazing Cut Quartz Crystal Laser Light Therapy. This revolutionary new method of healing is practiced only at a few dedicated centres around the world. ‘Castleview Holistic Centre’ dedicated Centre in the South East.


John of God (Joáo de Deus)

John of God (often referred to as the Miracle Man of Brazil) is a spiritual healer at the world renowned ‘Casa de Dom Ignacio’ in Brazil created this ‘Crystal Bed ‘under the guidance of Spirit. The quartz crys­tals have been specially chosen and cut to a specific frequency for their healing qualities. Each Crystal is hand carved from a single source and pol­ished to exacting standards. John of God invites you to experience the benefits of this Crystal Laser Light Healing.


Scientific Observations on Quartz Crystals

Precisely cut quartz crystals produce a well organized vibra­tion, resonating at the same frequency as water in its purest state. Moving water will pick up the vibration from the crystal through resonant interaction; this transferred charge restructures and modifies the water in your cells and tissue. Since the cells in a human body con­sist of 65-90% water, this may be the explanation for the healing capacity of quartz crystals.

‘’Dom Ignacio De Loyola’

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