The Ultimate Detoxification 'Foot Spa' system


The Platinum Detox Machine is the leading state of the art detoxification Unit.


Treatment takes half an hour from the time you put your feet into the detoxification unit. Rebalance and relax while you detox. Allow yourself one hour for the appointment.


The Platinum Detox Machine is the leading state of the art detoxification Unit.
The process makes use of the 2000 pores in each foot to remove toxic by-products
The Platinum Detox process stimulates the body’s natural functions and works by energising the water to attract positive and negative ions from both the body and the water.
It is comprised of an ergonomically designed foot spa with microprocessor-controlled electronics and array. Each treatment uses a disposable plastic liner, ensuring the highest standards in hygiene.
When the machine is turned on, the array emits a Bio-Energetic Resonance that travels through the water and the body, acting like a magnet to draw down toxins and re-balance the body. Detoxification is probably one of the healthiest ways to reduce fat and lose weight.

Pain Relief       Migraine - Periods               
                           Joint and Muscles

Improves: Circulation, Weight Loss Efforts Cellulite, Acne, Fluid Retention, Fatigue,
Sinus Problems and Hormonal Imbalance.

How healthy is your digestive system?

Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms?

  • Difficulty digesting fatty foods
  • Recurrent headaches
  • Spots and acne
  • Bad breath
  • Sensitivity to chemicals, cigarette smoke, pollution, perfumes
  • Fullness in the stomach
  • Flatulence, bloating or excessive belching
  • Fewer than one bowel movement a day
  • Diarrhea
  • Poor tolerance to alcohol


World Wide medical research and evidence has proven that toxins in your body can lead to major health-related problems.

Platinum Detox produces the most effective results when used as a course of 6 treatments within a 3 week period

Reducing toxins in your body can produce improvements in:

General Body Balance
Lactic Acid Reduction
General Metabolism
Menstrual Pain
Kidney Function
Liver Function
Weight Loss Skin Problems


Not recommended for:

  • Persons with pacemaker or using heartbeat regulating medicine
  • Persons who have had an organ transplant
  • Persons who suffer from psychotic episodes, seizures
  • Persons with diabetes
  • Persons with epilepsy
  • During pregnancy or lactating
  • Blood pressure problems
  • Open wounds

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