Magnified Healing ® 1st Phase



Are you on the path of Ascension? Are you willing to  prepare yourself, others, and the Earth in ushering in the new higher vibrations of Pure Love, Light and Freedom?

During this workshop you will experience:


Meditation of Empowerment

  1. Acknowledgment of the Three Fold Flame and Higher Self


  1. Alignment of Spiritual Centre’s
  2. Clearing of the Light Channel 
  3. Unification of the Chakras into ONE
  4. Connection of the Nervous System  
  5. Increases the energy in the hands as (Co-creating the energy of Magnified Healing occurs)

Healing of Self and Others:

  1. Sensitize, Awaken, Rewind and Connect The Nervous System.
  2. Scan & Heal the body
  3. Stimulate the Calcium on the Spine
  4. Balance the Chakras
  5. Absent Healing
  6. Healing of the Earth
  7. Healing Karma
  8. Preparation for Ascension

You will receive the Initiation as:
Master-Teacher of Magnified Healing® OF THE GOD MOST HIGH OF THE UNIVERSE

Lady Master Mother Kwan Yin, as the spokesperson for the Spiritual Hierarchy has guided, directed and inspired Humanity, by bringing forth this very special and scared gift of God to the earth at this time of great and exciting changes. Magnified Healing® incorporates all aspects of healing, using sacred geometries, breathing, and affirmations, allowing you the student to actively and consciously engage in the healing process to participate and then teach without lengthy internships.

In this time of important earth and cosmic energy shifts, mankind now has an opportunity to enter into a creation consciousness. As Planet Earth is approaching its transition into a body of light, so too Humanity begins its transition into higher vibratory dimensions. In order to accomplish our ascent into Oneness, we are asked to heal ourselves at all levels: physical, emotional, mental, etheric, and spiritual.
This ancient healing modality was re-introduced to earth in 1983. Previously, this healing was used only in the higher dimensions by Ascended Masters to assist themselves, the Masters on earth, and mankind under special divine dispensation. In 1992, under the direct intervention and inspiration of Lady Master Kwan Yin, Magnified Healing® of the GOD MOST HIGH OF THE UNIVERSE was brought forth into its expanded form for the spiritual advancement of Humanity and the Earth.

Magnified Healing® establishes a constant flow of energy from your heart to the Source,
The All That Is, The Infinite Mind, the GOD MOST HIGH OF THE UNIVERSE, through all of the Spiritual Centers, down to the Diamond at the Centre of the Earth. The link spirals and brings a deep state of grace pulsing forth from the Source, laying the very foundation for our Ascension Process.

If you’re on the path of Ascension,
If you’re willing to prepare yourself, others, and the Earth in ushering in the new higher vibrations of Pure Love, Light and Freedom?                  

Then this course is for you.                                                              
Fee includes 85 page Teaching Manual, The full session on CD,
MH. Essence and Certification, refreshment and lunch included.


Magnified Healing ® 3rd Phase 'Light Healing'


‘Giséle demonstrating attunement process with Mary’ 

You will experience:
The raising of the vibration of the Magnified Healing energy,  the initiating of the energy of the Sevenfold Flame of the Elohim the activation of the Cosmic Violet Fire of Light co-create the Laser rays which form the sacred geometries that are used in this healing process.

This Melchizedek teaching gives us the skills and tools to develop two forms of intense laser Light:

A Broad Laser Beam which is used on all the systems of the physical body (nervous, lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, skeletal, muscular, etc.) including all cells and electrons, by scanning, clearing, releasing, transmuting, reconstituting and filling with perfection.

A Fine Point Laser Beam which extracts growths, concentrated infections, scar tissues, etc. This method also fills with perfection the physical system as well as all subtle bodies. In treating the subtle bodies, old thought forms, habits, belief systems are released and new patterns are stabilized and actively sealed by the Golden Christ Energy.

The DNA/RNA is also brought into full and complete activation and is re-coded to enable the body to become ultimately a Body of Light (Rejuvenation).

This "Light" process can be used for self and others, present or absent, transplants, healing of the earth, genetic diseases and contagious diseases (including past and future generations).

A sacred Initiation will be experienced and a Certification will be presented. The workshop also includes a Working Manual.


Magnified Healing 'Light Healing' is an advanced practitioner's tool. Pre-requisite is to be Initiated in Magnified Healing 1st Phase at least 4 months prior to the 3rd Phase workshop and do the practice of Magnified Healing process for 11 continuous days in preparation for this workshop.


Magnified Healing® Celebration Workshop and Ceremony - 1 Day Workshop   

This healing modality is presented only to those who have been practicing Magnified Healing with perseverance, integrity and unconditional love.

The Celebration Workshop is a two part Workshop available to Magnified Healing Initiates. The Celebration Teaching is from 9am to 2pm and the Ceremony is from 4pm to 6pm approximately, depending on the number of guests and is facilitated by the Workshop Graduates. It gives us the opportunity to gather with other Magnified Healing Master Teachers to share our Divinity. The Celebration Ceremony is a gift to the community from Kuan Yin and is open to everyone who wishes to experience, receive a healing and find out more about Magnified Healing energy.

Peace Love Wisdom Power Oneness Joy

We are the Celebration

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