'The Work' of Byron Katie


Explore the underlying attitudes and beliefs that are creating stress in your life and meet them with compassion. You can download  a ‘Judge Your Neighbour’ worksheet, answer four questions and a turnaround that is true or truer. When you argue with reality you lose 100%
Question every area of your life: Relationships, Health, Addiction, Finance, Children, Grief, God, Conflict, Parents, Body and Job. Come into clear focus as you bring your stressful thoughts to inquiry.
The Universe is Friendly.

The Process
Fill out a ‘Judge Your Neighbour Worksheet’.
Answer these Four questions that bring you into the reality of your life….

  1. Is it true? (Can you absolutely know that it’s true?)
  2. How do you react, what happens when you believe this thought? (Option 2, If you didn’t believe this thought?)
  3. Who would you be without this thought? (If you didn’t believe this thought?)
  4. Turn that thought around. (Is this true or truer than the original thought?)

Can you find 3 genuine examples from your own life that support the turnaround?

I have completed the school of ‘The Work’ with Byron Katie and I am available to support you as you do ‘The Work’.

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